Finance Council

The Finance Council is envisioned as a group of parishioners who have a spiritual maturity and love of Christ and the Church, are endowed with competence in financial matters and of prudent judgment, and who offer their time and talents as a Christian service or ministry in the development and management of the parish's financial resources so that the parish may effectively pursue its proper mission of spreading Christ's Gospel and love.

The Finance Council must serve more by the Gospel than by secular business philosophy.  Efficient use of resources and money management in the context of "Church" are measured primarily by their ability to nurture and foster the Christian mission and ministry of the parish community and diocese.  A truly Catholic understanding of the mission of the Church assures "good business practice".

The Finance Council is accountable and advisory to the pastor. >Members are appointed by the Pastor

The pastor consults with the Finance Council concerning any major non-budgeted commitment of parish resources. The Finance Council must play an active role in the preparation of the Budget and the Financial Report of the parish, which are to be submitted to the Archdiocese Pastoral Office each year. The Finance Council initiates the formulation of the Parish Financial Report, which is to be made available to all parishioners on an annual basis.

The Finance Council usually meets on the fourth Tuesday evening of each month.  Parishioners interested in volunteering to serve on this council should contact the pastor.

Contact: Parish Bookkeeper 914-271-4797 x 23

Contact: Fr. Brennan 914-271-4797 X15 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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